Welcome to Homes for Holsworthy

Homes for Holsworthy is a charity and a Community Land Trust, the Holsworthy Community Property Trust, set up by local people to buy, build and manage properties in Holsworthy and the surrounding area for shared equity sale or for rent to local people who are unable to afford open market prices. 

Pressure for retirement and second homes has helped push up the average price in the Torridge area to nearly 13 times the typical local family earnings.  Unless effective action is taken to make housing available to local people, we face a crisis and the very community, the character and services which make Holsworthy unique, will soon disappear.
Second homes, high property prices and low incomes mean many young people have to move away to large towns to find affordable homes. Homes for Holsworthy believes that people should be able to stay in their own locality to enable them to contribute to preserving our communities and rural way of life.  Without young families our villages will become dormitory settlements, lacking services and the mutual support which a settled and active community brings.